If It Is a Space Camp, It Has to Be Spacetrax

Being associated with Space Education World and School Programs for over 18 years we have earned the distinction of being the most reliable, efficient and effective space education company.

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SPACETRAX EDUCATION Program is a result of 1000s of Man Hours put in developing the right content and upgrading it to keep in sync with latest happening in the Discoveries of the Universe.

For Primary & Secondary Students : Be An Astronaut


For Pre Primary & Primary Students : Space Bunnies


Driven by Xperiential Learning

Every Module of SPACETRAX EDUCATION program is centred around use of Gadgets and Hands on Activities to make learning fun, challenging and more effective.

We Are

An organisation dedicated to Space Education in India.
We organize Space Programs across Schools and Colleges.
We have a well defined process and a highly effective content for an SPACE EDUCATION PROGRAM.

Our Team

Our Team comprises of a Mission Director who runs the STX Program, Mission Commanders who work with Student Teams and help them at every level and ensure they are successful in all activities and assignments. Mission Support Team is responsible for all the setups, logistics and smooth functioning of our Space Camps

We Have Programs Just Right for Everyone

Be it a child discoverer or a young explorer, we have designed modules and activities that are exciting, engaging and experiential

A Systematic Process Oriented Program

Every learning activity is followed by a building activity and testing the product made by our young astronauts. Activities involve teamwork and competitiveness to take up the challenges

Complete the Mission to Earn Certificate

We ensure every team member completes the task and with our 360 degree program to assess the learning. Day ends with celebrations, rewards, graduation ceremony and lots of memories and resolution to be the next astronaut.