9 or 12 days

Tokyo, Yokohama, Hiroshima, Osaka, extension to Nagasaki

In the final days of World War II, Japan was the target of the world’s first atomic weapons. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki—along with centuries of militarization and imperialism—has shaped Japan’s future and their shift from military to technological might. Immerse yourself in a country devoted to international peacekeeping and technological innovation, while exploring the imperialistic roots that led to such a drastic change in national identity.

Day 1: Fly overnight to Japan

Day 2: Tokyo

Meet your Tour Director at the airport

Day 3: Tokyo

Tour Tokyo with an expert local guide
Explore the Imperial Palace Plaza
Visit the Harajuku shopping district
Visit the Meiji Shinto Shrine
Visit Yasukuni Shrine
Visit Yushukan Museum, the most famous Japanese military museum

Day 4: Tokyo

Visit the Shitamachi Museum
Explore Tokyo on your own

Day 5: Tokyo • Yokohama • Hiroshima

Visit the Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum
Tour Yamashita Park with your Tour Director
Visit the Hikawa Maru
Travel to Hiroshima via bullet train
Enjoy a traditional bento dinner

Day 6: Hiroshima

Tour Hiroshima with an expert local guide
Visit the Peace Memorial Park and Museum
Visit Miyajima Park
Travel by ferry to Miyajima Island
Visit Itsukushima Shrine

Day 7: Hiroshima

Enjoy free time in Hiroshima

Day 8: Hiroshima • Osaka

Travel by bullet train to Osaka
Visit the Osaka Castle

Day 9: Depart for home

Add 3 more days

Day 9: Nagasaki

Travel to Nagasaki
Visit the Nagasaki Peace Park and Museum
Reflect on your travels and learn how to fold a paper crane

Day 10: Nagasaki

Travel to Nagasaki
Visit Glover Garden and Peace Park
Visit Dejima Museum
Ride a cable car up Mt.Inasa

Day 11: Nagasaki • Tokyo

Fly to Tokyo
Participate in a calligraphy activity
Explore the Shibuya district of Tokyo

Day 12: Depart for home