Our Team

Team Adventure is the team of people who form the foundation of our success. In them you will find a team dedicated to being the best. Be it a field trip, picnic, camp, tour or conference, you’ll always be a part of the Adventure Family and it will show through our team, who sincerely care for you with a quality and level of service so far beyond your expectation.

Go ahead and give us a call, then sit back and let the dream begin. Team Adventure believes in living up to its motto “We meet to create memories… We part to cherish them.”

What Sets Us Apart

We travel but we are not tour operators or travel agents.
We work with professionals but are not a consultanacy firm.
We train corporate managers but are not a training college.
We share knowledge, teach and even learn from our students but we are not a school.

We can only conclude that we are an outdoor school and are able to incorporate elements of culture, history, geography, sociology, travel, nature, eco tourism and the sciences in all our field trips, picnics, camps and tours, but of course all in a fun and adventurous way that is suitable for young students. All our programmes be they tourism related, training based or plain fun incorporate what is currently being taught to the school children in their class rooms.